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New to our collection in 2020-2021

Each month, we offer a 20% discount on a limited number of books, so good advantage can be taken of these sales with your visits to the library.

Alchymy  (Hermann Beckh, 2020).  As a practicing Christian priest, Beckh was profoundly aware that the mystery of substance — its transmutation in the cosmos and the human being — is a mystical fact to be approached with the greatest reverence, requiring ever-deepening scholarship and meditation.  Beckh writes on such topics as Isis, the Golden Fleece, traditional fairytales, and Wagner’s Parsifal in a way that enables the reader to glimpse the Mystery of Substance and to share the writer’s authentic experience of the divine substantia — the living reality —  of Christ in the world.  $18.00

Brothers and Sisters – The Order of Birth in the Family  (Karl König,)  Dr. König attempts to explain the various characteristics of those born first, second, and third, without losing sight of the tremendous individuality of the human being.  Just as our environment shapes our language, social behavior and mannerisms, our place in the family also determines how we encounter life.  Available now in Library only.

Childhood Illnesses and Immunizations  (Ross Rentea, Mark Kamsler & Andrea Rentea, 2017).  Based on the authors’ many years of medical experience, this book offers new ways of looking at the complex topic of childhood illnesses and immunizations.  Essential information is presented from an anthroposophic point of view. $31.50

A Drop of Light  (Liz Attwell, 2018).  Attwell, who taught English at Michael Hall School, Sussex, for 14  years, presents her original research into the phenomenon of “A-ha!” moments, offering a theoretical background, as well as practical advice, to give teachers the tools, lesson plans, anecdotes, and inspiration to bring living thinking to their own classrooms and seeking to create a basis for inner awakening and original insight, so that students ultimately reach their own “A-ha!” moments.  $17.00

Experiences from the Threshold and Beyond   (Are Thoresen, 2019).  Describes methods and techniques for opening the spiritual sense organs required to cross the threshold and clarifies the differences between Imagination (seeing spiritual “pictures”), Inspiration (understanding those pictures), and Intuition (living “inside” the spiritual reality).  Structuring the book on his own biography, Thoresen conveys many of the lessons he has learned through decades of familiarity with the invisible dimensions. $18.00

Form, Life and Consciousness  (Armin J. Husemann, 2019).  Dr. Husemann outlines the basics and essential aspects of anthroposophic medicine.  This is one of those rare resources that serves as a guide for the professional while also remaining accessible to anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of the whole human being and a spiritual–scientific approach to medicine and therapy. $58.50

From Yoga to the Rose Cross  (Massimo Scaligero, 2019).  Using an autobiographical form as his framework, the author shows how the experience of Yoga is actually the most esoteric path —  that of the Rose Cross — when taken to its ultimate conclusion by flowing into a “modern” initiatory path that manifests formally as Spiritual Science.  $23.50

Homage to Pythagoras  (Christopher Bamford, 2020).  This book is a collection of essential writings by authors at the leading edge of the sacred sciences today.  Each scholarly homage to the Pythagorean perspective confirms the continuing interest in Pythagoras’ philosophy as a living reality. $27.00

The Imaginative Life Tableau  (Andreas Neider, 2020).  Many will be familiar with the notion that, at the point of death, people see their life “flash” before them.  Although the revelation of the life tableau is part of the early period following death, it can also emerge as a result of meditation.  Through this unique anthology of Steiner’s work, we are led to a therapeutic, meditative approach that, by working with the imaginative life tableau, we can strengthen and heal body, soul, and spirit.  $16.50

Rudolf Steiner and the Masters of Esoteric Christianity  (Sergei O. Prokofieff, 2019).  Continuing from his first book, Rudolf Steiner and the Founding of the New Mysteries, Prokofieff researches the working of seven Masters of esoteric Christianity:  Manes, Master Jesus, Scythianos, Gautama Buddha, The Maitreya Bodhisattva, Novalis, and Christian Rosenkreutz.  This profound study shows how the Masters have guided humanity over millennia.  Also considered are particular aspects of Steiner’s own development, Initiation, and position within the circle of Masters.  $48.00

The Sky Is Blue  (Christine Heuermann, 2020).  This is a heartfelt and deeply personal account of a young woman, a mother, who dreamt of a loving marriage and raising a family with the man she adored.  Love-struck at an early age, she found herself trapped in a bond of deceit, control, and abuse.  $19.50

Spiritual Translocation  (Are Thoresen,  2020).  From ancient times, all cultures have known of the spiritual phenomenon of ‘translocation” — the movement of a pathological entity from one human being to another, or from a human being to an animal.  These pathological entities are spiritual beings, commonly called “demons.”  Using the Middle Point, or “Christ force,” it is possible to transform — rather than simply translocate — the negative spiritual aspects at work in contemporary society.  $16.75

The Struggle for A Human Future  (Jeremy Naydler, 2020).  With its wireless networks encompassing the globe, the Digital Revolution is altering the very fabric of our lives with alarming rapidity.   As we enter a new era of extreme technology, driven by a momentum that seems beyond the constraint of any spiritual or moral consideration, both human beings and nature face an unprecedented challenge.  Naydler states that this is a challenge which can be met only by reaffirming essential human values and recovering a sacred view of the natural world. $19.50

Zodiac:  An Exploration into the Language of Form, Gesture and Color   (Gertraud Goodwin, 2020).  In this richly illustrated collation of original artistic research, new insights are explored and illumined in 27 essays and numerous full-color images.  Led by editor Gertraud Goodwin, the contributing artists offer a rich tableau of authentic and individual approaches to understanding the zodiac, shedding light on the vast realm of creative forces around us while acknowledging their primary source. $27.00