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After Auschwitz:  Reflections on the Future of Medicine  (Peter Selg, Steiner Books, 2022).  Countering the legacy of Auschwitz-Birkenau and the inhumane medical practices of that time, Dr. Selg presents us with ways to advance forms of medicine today that encourage the most compassionate treatment of one another as human beings.

Anthroposophy and the Natural Sciences:  Foundations and Methods  (Rudolf Steiner, 5 lectures, various cities, June 17, 1920 – May 11, 1922 [CW 75], Steiner Books, 2021).  Here Steiner describes a means by which human beings can gain, through methodical and rigorous training, a direct experience of the spiritual dimension of life.  What he proposes is not a deviation from the natural sciences but their expansion and development in the practice of scientific research.

Art and Theory of Art:  Foundations of A New Aesthetics  (Rudolf Steiner, 4 essays written between 1890 and 1898, 8 lectures between 1909 and 1921 [CW 271], Steiner Books, 2021).  The subject, practice, and vital importance of art was a thread that ran through Steiner’s life.  Beginning with his early philosophical work and literary criticism and on into his later lectures, this volume follows his endeavor to reveal in words the mystery obscured by the vague concept of what “art” is

Childhood Illnesses and ImmunizationAnthroposophic Ideas to Ensure the Wellbeing of Our Children in This Digital Age  (Ross Rentea MD, Mark Kamsler MD & Andrea Rentea MD, Steiner Books, 2017).  Based on the authors’ many years of medical experience, this book offers new ways of looking at the complex topic of childhood illnesses and immunizations.  Essential information is presented from an anthroposophic point of view.

Corona and the Human Heart:  Illuminating Riddles of Immunity, Conscience, and Common Sense  (Michaela Glöckler, Wynstones Press, 2021).  Dr. Glöckler offers new and inspiring perspectives on the significant role of the human heart in the development of the immune system, from early embryological growth to adulthood, as well as the importance this understanding has for the Covid crisis. She leads us on a path, showing how strengthening our inner spiritual life—our inner sun—will also strengthen our health and immunity and illumine riddles of conscience and common sense.

The Creative Power of Anthroposophical Christology  (Sergei O. Prokofieff and Peter Selg, Steiner Books, 2011).  These two spiritual researchers into the life and work of Rudolf Steiner gave a series of conferences from 2009 to 2010 on the Christological foundations of Anthroposophy.  The lectures are collected here in a single volume.  This is an important work for anyone interested in the true meaning and depth of Steiner’s experience and understanding of Christ’s act on Golgotha and his continuing presence among us.

Daily Contemplations – Wisdom and Love:  An Almanac for Soul  (Rudolf Steiner, Rudolf Steiner Press, 2021).  Carefully selected by Jean-Claude Lin, these quotations are taken from Steiner’s lectures and addresses given on each specific day of the year.  The order of the texts is not arbitrary but arises from the historical fact of the lectures themselves.  This unique volume offers a new way of working daily with Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual research.

Dancing with the Earth Changes:  A Guide through Challenges of the 21st Century  (Marko Pogacnik, Lindisfarne Books, 2021).  The cooperation of human beings with Gaia and her elemental worlds is necessary for the Earth’s transmutation to succeed.  As human beings, with our creative imaginations and wide-ranging consciousness, we are the only ones capable of connecting the earthly and cosmic dimensions in this mutual endeavor to re-create the Earth as a place of peace and cooperation among all beings and all aspects of life.

The Dog Walk  (Sven Nordqvist, Steiner Books, 2021)  It's time for Grandma's dog to go for a walk. The eager pooch tugs the boy's hand, excited to get going.  But where will they end up?  This is a dog walk like no other, told simply through whimsical and often hilarious illustrations with incredible details.  [Recommended for ages 3-7]

The Electronic Doppelganger:  The Mystery of the Double in the Age of the Internet  (Rudolf Steiner and Andreas Neider ed., Rudolf Steiner Press, 2017).  Speaking in 1917 of "intelligent machines" that would appear in the future, Steiner presents a broad context which illustrates the multitude of challenges human beings will face.  In these lectures, Steiner addresses the secret of the geographical, or Doppelgänger.  The human nervous system houses an entity that does not belong to its constitution.  It is an ahrimanic being that enters the body shortly before birth and leaves at death, providing the basis for all electrical currents needed to process and coordinate sensory perceptions.  Steiner discusses this double in the wider context of historic occult events relating to spirits of darkness.

The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness  (Rudolf Steiner, Rudolf Steiner Press, 1993).  Rudolf Steiner reveals the spiritual roots of the crises of our times and the means by which we can overcome them.  Since 1879, “backward” angels, or “spirits of darkness” have influenced human minds. It is now possible for human beings to awaken more consciously to the truth of these profound changes and thus inwardly counter the fallen spirits’ influences. We can come to the realization that definite spiritual causes lie behind earthly events in our rapidly changing times.

The Lost Zodiac of Rudolf Steiner  (Adrian Anderson, Threshold Publishing, 2016).  Depicted and explained is Rudolf Steiner's lost zodiac, originally painted on the ceiling of the Anthroposophical Society Centre in Stuttgart which was destroyed in 1937.  Fortunately, some black and white photos from 1912 survived, and a description of the original colors.  From this, the author has brought back to life this magnificent set of images. 


Macrocosm and Microcosm - The Greater and the Lesser World:  Questions Concerning the Soul, Life and the Spirit  (Rudolf Steiner, 12 lectures, Vienna, March 19–31, 1910 [CW 119], Rudolf Steiner Press, 2021).  Steiner shows how deeply and intimately human beings, the microcosm, are related to the macrocosm.  For Steiner, the macrocosm is more than the physical universe.  It includes the world of elements and the world of archetypes that lie behind outer manifestations such as our physical body.  The macrocosm works within us continuously—in the daily rhythm of sleeping and waking and in the great interchange between incarnation on Earth and our time between death and rebirth.

Meditations for Harmony and Healing:  Finding the Greater Self  (Rudolf Steiner, Rudolf Steiner Press, 2018).  As a spiritual teacher, Rudolf Steiner wrote many inspired and beautifully crafted verses.  Often, they were given in relation to specific situations or in response to individual requests; sometimes they were offered to assist generally in the process of meditation.  Matthew Barton translated and selected Steiner’s verses, arranging them with sensitivity by theme.  This collection to promote harmony and healing helps us discover a renewed sense of our true place in the world

The Mission of the New Spiritual RevelationThe Pivotal Nature of the Christ Event in Earth Evolution  (Rudolf Steiner, Rudolf Steiner Press, 16 lectures in various places, January 5 – December 26, 1911 [CW 127], 2021).  In this previously untranslated collection, Steiner approaches and illumines the figure of Christ from manifold directions and perspectives.  Christ—the being of love—is the “heart” of our Earth.  The lectures reflect Steiner’s emphasis on the central act of the Christ being in Earth’s evolution, while also illuminating the truths of reincarnation and karma.  He reveals profound vistas of human development and paths of advancement over many lifetimes in which Christ is to be our steadfast companion and exemplar.

The Mysteries of the Future:  A Study of the Work of Sergei O. Prokofieff  (Peter Selg, Wynstones Press, 2021).  In the 12 months following Prokofieff's death in 2014, Peter Selg gave a series of lectures in various cities on Prokofieff's work, each time focusing on a particular aspect of his writings.  This volume gathers Selg’s presentations.

Mysteries of Initiation from Isis to the Holy Grail  (Rudolf Steiner, Rudolf Steiner Press, 4 lectures, Berlin, February 3–7, 1913 [CW 144] 2022).  This concise study sketches the evolution of the mysteries, from ancient Persia through Egypt and Greece to the present Christian era.  Steiner focuses on the process of initiation in historical terms.  He also underscores the potential for achieving enlightenment today without an incarnated teacher and explains the four stages of the process toward initiation.

Psychotronics and A Biodynamic Garden:  How to Grow and Harvest Healthier Food through Radionics and Dowsing  (George Kuepper, Portal Books, 2021).  Nature spirits and other forms of intelligence in nature play major roles.  They can be readily contacted and nourished.  George Kuepper describes and discusses numerous procedures that have evolved from decades of working with agricultural radionics and recent research in his biodynamic garden. 

A Road to Sacred Creation:  Rudolf Steiner’s Perspectives on Technology  (Edited by Gary Lamb, Drawings by Michael Howard, Steiner Books, 2021).  The relevant concepts, ideas, and insights of Rudolf Steiner reveal how the work to arrive at a more spiritually imbued technological future not only involves all domains and fields of spiritual science and anthroposophical work but has its origins in the very core of our being, fundamentally entwined with our moral progress toward freedom and selfless love.

Rudolf Steiner:  Fragment of a Spiritual Biography (Sergei O. Prokofieff, Temple Lodge Publishing, 2020).  Underlying Prokofieff’s life work was a fundamental research-theme to which he returned repeatedly:  the individuality of Rudolf Steiner as manifested through his past incarnations on Earth.  In a sequence of five past incarnations as indicated by Steiner himself, Prokofieff searched for the inner thread between the six stages of this great, all-encompassing life.  

Rudolf Steiner & the Masters of Esoteric Christianity  (Sergei O. Prokofieff, Wynstones Press, 2019).  Continuing from his first book “Rudolf Steiner and the Founding of the New Mysteries,” Prokofieff researches the working of seven Masters of esoteric Christianity:  Manes, Master Jesus, Scythianos, Gautama Buddha, The Maitreya Bodhisattva, Novalis, and Christian Rosenkreutz.  He shows how the Masters have guided humanity over millennia. 

Secret Brotherhoods:  Mystery of the Human Double   (Rudolf Steiner, 7 lectures (of 9), St. Gallen, Zurich, and Dornach, November 15-25, 1917 [CW 178], Rudolf Steiner Press, 2004).  Ideas that secret groups are trying to gain control of humanity are no longer rare.  This was not true in 1917 when Rudolf Steiner spoke of such matters in these lectures.  His unique contribution is not based on abstract theories; it arose from exact research methods that use advanced forms of perception and cognition.  With the firsthand knowledge available to him, Steiner takes us behind the scenes of events in history and contemporary culture to reveal a dark world of secret elitist brotherhoods.  He speaks, above all, of the need for clear insight into world events based on spiritual knowledge.

Three Perspectives of Anthroposophy:  Cultural Phenomena from the Point of View of Spiritual Science  (Rudolf Steiner, 12 lectures, Dornach, May 5 – September 23, 1923 [CW 225], Rudolf Steiner Press, 2021).  Throughout these lectures, Rudolf Steiner emphasizes the fact that we can achieve spirituality on Earth if we make anthroposophy real.  He strikes a positive note and an exciting and constructive path forward, providing us with the tools to see the world through three key perspectives of Anthroposophy:  the physical, the soul, and the spiritual dimensions of reality.

What is Necessary in these Urgent Times  (Rudolf Steiner, 18 lectures in Dornach, January 9 – February 22, 1920 [CW 196], Steiner Books, 2010).  These lectures stress that the task of spiritual science is to awaken us to reality and a true understanding of life that sees through illusions and understands the ever-present potential of evil.  Rather than seeking power and control, we are called to cultivate trust and receptivity.  We must learn to live this present life in the context of our greater spiritual life, which extends from before birth through earthly life and into the life after death that precedes our next birth.  At the same time, we must come to know the Christ, who is to be met only in community.

Wisdom of Teeth – Dentosophy, a Gateway to Health:  From Oral Balance to Total Balance  (Michel Montaud, Temple Lodge Publications, 2021).  What if our teeth reflect who we are?  What if, by harmonizing our mouths, we could allay many of our physical and mental ills?  After years of dental practice, Michel Montaud made a breakthrough that would completely change his life and work.  He demonstrates that this human-based approach to our mouth and teeth can stimulate—at any age—the extraordinary healing potential of our bodies.

World History and the Mysteries  (Rudolf Steiner, 9 lectures, Dornach, December 23, 1923 – January 1, 1924 [CW 233], Rudolf Steiner Press, 2021).  Rudolf Steiner challenges the notion that human consciousness has remained the same throughout history.  Consciousness evolves constantly and we can only comprehend the present by understanding its origin in the past.  Delivered during The Christmas Foundation Meeting, these lectures study world history in parallel with the ancient mysteries of initiation, showing how they are intimately linked.  Published for the first time with color plates of Steiner’s blackboard drawings.