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Threshold Experiences –
Healing on the Anthroposophical Path
with Dr. Harald Haas

Dr. Ida Oberman, Translation
Saturday, March 2, 2024
10:30am – 12:30pm

Although not required, all donations are greatly appreciated
They made be made online here or at the door


We have invited Dr. Harald Haas, compiler and editor of the books Self Doubt, Nervousness, and Care for the Soul, lectures by Rudolf Steiner, considering the healing and initiatory path for humanity and earth evolution. He will be online and our beautiful translator guide, Ida Oberman, will be in Pasadena.

We will start with works that offer considerations of Threshold experiences found in the final lecture in the Self Doubt book. Later in the year Dr. Haas will offer further exploration of the book’s theme on topics of Depression, Anxiety, Disorders, Panic and Fear that can support understanding the current events of our time from an Anthroposophical foundation and view.

Dr. Haas asks what healing potential is there in the path of fear that arises from one-sidedness and, on the other hand, what healing can come if one takes the path of soul development, thereby finding the way to cross safely over the Threshold into the spiritual world. Initially, this path involves developing pure, sense-free thinking and the supersensory organs of perception in larynx and heart chakras. … Then the light-soul process is seen as successor to the ancient path of yoga, as a new path to be developed mentally and spiritually out of the working of Christ.

In The Boundaries of Natural Science lectures, Dr. Haas shows that Rudolf Steiner brings a new, extended approach to the path of personal development as he presented through many of his fundamental works – The Philosophy of FreedomKnowledge of the Higher Worlds; and the higher knowledge chapter in Occult Science.

With elaboration from Dr. Haas, new insights can come when we work and meditate with ideas like these from Rudolf Steiner:

”Cosmic thoughts work into us from outside, human will works from inside outwards. And human will and cosmic thoughts cross each other at this crossing point just as previously in the breath the objective element and the subjective element crossed each other.”

"We must learn to feel how our will works through our eyes, and how in truth the activity of the senses subtly mingles into the passivity by which cosmic thoughts and human will cross. This new yoga-will is something we must develop."

This will be a most valuable exploratory path with Dr. Haas. We look forward to your participation!

Dottie Zold
Program Chair

Bio - Dr. Harald Haas, MD, is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist in Bern, Switzerland, who lectures on anthroposophic psychiatry and psychotherapy. He studied medicine and wrote his dissertation in Heidelberg and worked for six years in several anthroposophic clinics in the field of internal medicine, general medicine, and psychiatry in Germany and Switzerland. After completing a specialist training in psychiatry and psychotherapy in Bern, he became senior and head physician of the Gerontopsychiatric Department of the University Psychiatric Services in Bern.

A Festival of Unbornness ~ The Journey Toward Birth
with Mary Stewart Adams, General Secretary
and Christine Burke, Western Regional Council, ASA

Wednesday evening, February 7th, 2024
7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Although not required, all donations are greatly appreciated
They made be made online here or at the door


"Not only do we pass through the gate of death as immortal beings, we also enter through the gate of birth as unborn beings. We need the term unbornness, as well as the term immortality, to encompass the whole human being.” -Rudolf Steiner

Dear friends, please be welcomed to join an evening meet-up with Mary Stewart Adams, General Secretary of the Anthroposophical Society in America, and acclaimed "Star Lore Historian". She and Christine Burke will weave together spiritual research, story, poetry and song out of ancient understandings of the human pre-birth experience.

Traditionally the 40th day after Christmas, the Winter Cross Quarter marks the halfway point in the winter season and is variously celebrated as Ground Hog’s Day, Candlemas, and Imbolc. Each of these celebrations is related to inner light and inner purification, all that is gestating and not yet born.

In the work of Rudolf Steiner, this time of year is also delightfully described as the season when all the souls that will come to birth in the year are gathered into the Moon sphere.

With this festival we prepare to receive the new souls coming to birth in 2024 ascompanion to All Soul’s Festival, which in the Autumn honors loved ones who have died – thus, together they honor both those coming and those going through the threshold.

Life after death
life before birth;
only by knowing both
do we know eternity.
- Rudolf Steiner

A list of recommended reading (click to unfold!) and also available in our Library:

Peter Selg: Unborness
George MacDonald: At the Back of the North Wind
Plato: Timeaus, section 1
Rudolf Steiner: Man as Hieroglyph of the Universe ch. 13

This will be a most beautiful evening at the branch. We look forward to seeing you for this celebration of one of life’s precious mysteries.

Dottie Zold,
Program Chair

The Mystery Dramas –
Doorway to the Wisdom of the Human Being
Thursday, Feb 8, 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Laurie Portocarrero brings her magic to us for a Story Telling evening – starring the Rock Spring Wonder tale from Rudolf Steiner’s “The Soul’s Probation
Friday through Sunday, Feb 9 – 11
10:00 – noon and 1:30 - 4:00

Join in The Soul’s Probation in Magical Drama Workshops with Laurie each day from

Ever since the tremendous joy and soul enlightening we met with Laurie’s first mystery drama workshop, we’ve been looking forward to exploring the mysteries of Rudolf Steiner's second play, The Soul's Probation with her in another intensive and dynamic “hands-on” experience.

We find that working with the words and imaginations, the actions and life of the plays, gives us tremendous insight, inspiration, and strength for our own paths of inner development.

If in Shakespeare's characters we meet every shade of soul and personality, perhaps in Steiner's, we are experiencing "stages of spiritual development."

The struggles we see between the human beings on the stage with the great adversaries Lucifer and Ahriman, do indeed reflect our own struggles!

In Rudolf Steiner's mystery dramas, we are given imaginations that contain the entirety of Anthroposphy and serve as guides in meeting our own karmic knots. We see our own flaws and foibles in Johannes and Capesius and Strader, and learn from them.

Since the beginning of western drama in ancient Greece, we have turned to drama to unveil for us the invisible behind the visible, the workings of the spiritual world through our own.

This workshop is the second in a series of four workshops on Rudolf Steiner's mystery dramas hosted by our Branch for our community.

Rudolf Steiner shares ~
Regarding his mystery dramas, we hear directly from him as he shares his thoughts:
"Our modern culture loves what is intellectual... But the world is constructed in such a way that it can't be expressed merely in concepts and ideas. - We have to evolve modes of depiction other than the merely intellectual.

And so it was that I felt the need to express something which is completely alive... The spiritual content of anthroposophy - of the Wisdom  of the Human Being - that wills to reveal itself, is much too rich to be contained within words and ideas alone; it strives for form, for the image, metamorphoses all on its own into art, into genuine art  from the primal sources of art and religion.

That's what gave rise to my four Mystery Dramas..

And if people really lived deeply with the imaginations offered in these dramas, I would not have to write the books, or give the lectures!"

The workshop will use the Barbara Renold beautifully edited 2014 translation, and the Rudolf Steiner Library will have several copies for purchase, or bring your own if you have one.

For more information please email dottiez@anthroposophyla.org

About Laurie Portocarrero

Laurie Portocarrero attended the Washington Waldorf School in Washington DC, and fell in love with the experience of the dramatic arts permeated with meaning and spirit.

She went on to study Foundations of Anthroposophy, Waldorf teacher training and Goethean Studies; and later, to train in Spacial Dynamics, The Chekhov acting technique, Eurythmy, singing, speech formation, storytelling, and Non-Violent Communication. She has studied and taught in the US, Canada, Switzerland, and Australia. She is now an actor, storyteller, drama teacher and director, living in Philmont in Upstate New York.  A long-time associate member of The Actors’ Ensemble and Walking the dog Theater, Laurie has appeared in and directed many works from Shakespeare to Thornton Wilder to Ionesco. With long-time colleague Glen Williamson she also creates, performs and tours two-person plays such as the Refugees Tale, The Gospel of John, Aeschylus Unbound, and currently, Fire in the Temple. Within the 2010-2014 series of Mystery Drama conferences in Chestnut Ridge, New York, she played Maria in Rudolf Steiner’s four mystery dramas.

She led the course “The Art of the Actor” through Threefold Educational Center in Chestnut Ridge, for seven years. She directs the summer children’s camp “Drama for the Little Folk”, directs an annual community reading of The Christmas Carol, and created the Christmas Celebration of Song and Word, bringing together speaking and singing groups to share their gifts with the community. She directs plays with academy students in special needs communities; and has directed plays throughout China with adults, children and young people of all ages. Currently she also directs a speech chorus, leads a Mystery Drama study/exploration group, and helps to form Branch festivals in the Berkshire-Taconic community.

Ever inspired by and seeking to serve both the Muse of Art and Anthroposophia in the service of the community, her hope in all art-creating is to help facilitate harmonious encounter with each other out of the longing we all carry deep in our beings to develop the Social Art of the future: How do we meet one another? How may we do what Rudolf Steiner urged, and carry our warm hearts into the world to do powerful healing work?

With great gratitude, we welcome Laurie whenever she can join us!