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ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING : Postponned Until March 2021

Dear Members and Friends.

We were able to resume our activities at the Los Angeles Branch with a special event with John Bloom in September. The Planning Committee has been meeting every month to try to re-schedule the events we had planned for the Spring and add new events that will be meaningful to you. We had rescheduled the AGM for August when, at the end of July, it became apparent that the rising number of Covid-19 cases would prevent us from meeting. We will have the AGM sometime in March 2021. In the meantime, we will be updating the calendar of events as the situation with the pandemic unfolds. If it looks like we can move forward, we will, of course, observe all the safety protocols, such as facemasks and social distancing.

The Planning Committee


A new initiative to involve more friends and members in our Branch life. The members of the Planning Committee understand that it is often difficult to make the drive to Pasadena. We are hoping that by offering these Community Saturdays once a month, a more diverse offering will allow people to take part in one or more offerings each time. From 10:00 – 11:00, we will have a study and discussion by different speakers. Following a short break, we will have a eurythmy class from 11:15 – 12:15 followed by a chance to practice attentiveness from 12:30 – 1:00. At 1:00, once the pandemic is over, we hope to offer a social time for anyone interested in staying or perusing the library or bookstore.

Dear Members and Friends,

We hope that some of you were able to enjoy the links we sent in January, the Atlanta Branch reading of Goethe’s The Tale of the Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily and a lecture from Nancy Poer entitled, Joan of Arc: Her Gifts for Our Time.

This month we would like to offer a video presentation from The Star House called Impulse for Cultural Renewal: The Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. Brian Gray, Robert Schiappacasse and David Tresemer together offer insight to the event that occurred last year on the date of the solstice, December 21, when Jupiter and Saturn appeared so close together in the night sky.

You can watch the video here:

Also, on February 27, you will have the possibility of joining Christine Gruwez give a presentation entitled At the Crossroad. All of the information about this event is attached, but to kindle your interest, here is her first paragraph about the subject she will be presenting:

One of the key words to what we are going through in these times is polarization. This polarization has started long before recent events, such as the pandemic or violent clashes between groups of people in a society. For polarization has to do with human development, with our path towards responsibility out of true freedom.

You will need to send an email to: to express your interest in the event; she will send you the Zoom link. There is a $15.00 fee to be paid through Paypal.

From the Planning Committee


February 27, Saturday
 10am – 12:30 PM PST

 At the Crossroad 

Zoom presentation by Christine Gruwez from Antwerp, Belgium, Europe 


For more information, please, contact Spyros Papadimas at

 $15 suggested donations via PayPal
(In PayPal, please sent your payment to:

The link to the Zoom Meeting will be sent to those who express interest to participate

Christine Gruwez studied philosophy and linguistics at the KU Leuven, the Catholic University in Louvain, Belgium. She met Anthroposophy through the Waldorf school in Antwerp, which her four children attended, and where she taught from 1976 to 1986. She also taught for a decade in the Waldorf Education Training Program. Since 1997, Christine has led seminars and conferences at Emerson College, at the Goetheanum, in Europe, Asia and the US.

Please see below an outline of the presentation

One of the  key-words to what we are going through in these times is polarization. This polarization has started long before recent events, such as the pandemic or violent clashes between groups of people in a society. For polarization has to do with human development, with our path towards responsibility out of true freedom.

The soul forces have emancipated from each other and most of all the capacity of thinking has become independent from the spiritual world. To the point, that  Rudolf Steiner to the  teachers collegium of the first Waldorf School has spoken of ‘the becoming evil of human intelligence.’: ‘das böse werden der Intelligenz’.

Exactly there we find ourselves at the crossroad.

Human intelligence having necessary emancipated from its divine origin, can make the choice between becoming human as the next step towards freedom or to let the soul forces more and more been orchestrated by non-human power. It is the choice between the awakening of Christ in us or the power of the Ahrimanic impulses. Do we abandon our Planet Earth to those Impulses, or do we find a way to actively think the creation and nature, as Christ would think them?


Suggested reading:

  • (CW 26) Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts 112-114: Human Future and Michael Activity.
  • “The Occult Significance of Forgiveness” by Sergei Prokofieff
  • The becoming evil of intelligence in our times is a lecture Steiner gave to the first collegium of teachers:

The Intelligence and the Evil

At the same time when the idea of ​​robots was born, when the mechanistic intelligence tests were being developed, and shortly after the devastation of World War I, Rudolf Steiner gave the lecture series "The question of education as a social question". In it he warned urgently of the danger of the mechanization of intelligence, the social coldness of intelligence and the associated excesses of the intelligence myth: “If people use their intelligence and do not have particularly wild instincts, it is barely possible to look at the light of good. But this human intelligence will get more and more the inclination to think out evil and to insert evil into man in the moral, evil in knowledge, error”. After all, it is not at all for nothing that the intelligence can instill so much pride and arrogance in contemporary people. Anyone who follows the development of modern civilization carefully will notice that Steiner was right to issue these warnings. A few years later, the increasingly "cold and evil intelligence" of man invented the Third Reich, the Holocaust, a racist social order, later the atom bomb, genetic engineering and the killer games.