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Upcoming Events




Details for December Events to be announced

  • Continuing Mystery Centers Preparation for Holy Nights
  • Advent - December 3
  • Shepherd's Play
  • Caroling
  • Holy Nights: Rudolf Steiner Community Center
New Study Groups
Beginning Early September
Email hosts for start date and time
Study group meetings always free

  • Enlivening the Chakra of the Heart by Florin Lowndes 
    Sundays at 1:00pm
    Starting September 3
    Joan and Roman’s 

  • A Course for Young Doctors by Rudolf Steiner
    Tuesdays at 12:00pm
    Starting September 5

    Branch, Jeramy Shirley and Dottie Zold
    anotherlife@sbcglobal.net , dottiez@anthroposophyla.org
  • Occult Significance of Forgiveness by Sergei O. Prokofieff
    Saturdays at 4:00 pm
    Starting September 9

    Branch, Dottie Zold+
  • The Fifth Gospel by Rudolf Steiner
    Sundays at 2:30pm
    Starting September 10

    Branch, Richard Lumma and Dottie Zold
    richlumma@gmail.com , dottiez@anthroposophyla.org
  • The Path of Modern Initiation works by Rudolf Steiner and Mabel Collins
    Wednesdays at 5:00pm
    Starting September 13

    Branch, Dottie Zold
  • Leading Thoughts by Rudolf Steiner
    Death of Nutrition and the Resurrection of Humanity by Paul Emberson
    Evenings (night chosen by those who participate)
    Starting second week in September

    Valerie Renslow’s home

Experience Eurythmy with Andrew Dzedolionus
September 9 - Novermber 18 2023
Suggested Donation $10.00 - $35.00
Although not required, all donations are greatly appreciated
They made be made online here or at the door

Andrew, our Eurythmist, has prepared fascinating afternoons for us, as described on the flyer which tells also a bit about what eurythmy is.

We hope you can come. You may rsvp to ekrivosheia@dslextreme.com or just come, and welcome!!

Eurythmy Flyer September 2023 Moon

Trained at Vienna Institute for Eurythmy in Vienna, Austria, Andrew N. Dzedulionis has taught eurythmy for grades Kindergarten through 12 at several Waldorf schools, has given adult training workshops and performed as a professional eurythmist for 20 years, both in Europe and in the United States. With the use of live music and poetry/literature, he feels that students/participants can reach higher potential.

Classes from April 29 through July are every 2 weeks, so you can build up a little experience with both the speech and music eurythmy verses. Each session’s warm up rhythms are a fun way to begin the afternoons, too.

Looking forward to see you for delightful and relaxing afternoons in the new art of eurythmy!

The Rudolf Steiner Community Center

Michaelmas: Michael, Warrior of Courage and Freedom
with Almut Schroeder

Saturday, September 30, 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Rudolf Steiner Community Center
110 Martin Alley, Pasadena, Ca, 91105

Michaelmas Flyer 2023 Revised

Your body is an instrument that can be tuned, allowing the word to sing forth, creatively, consciously creating your reality and through that, a deep healing can begin.

"To one who understands the sense of speech. The world unveils its image form. To one who listens to the soul of speech. The world unfolds its true being. To one who lives in the spirit depths of speech. The world gives freely Wisdom’s strength. To one who lovingly dwells on speech. Speech will accord its inner might. So I will turn my heart and mind. Toward the soul and spirit of words. In love for them I will feel myself complete and whole."
~ Rudolf Steiner

Christine warmly, humbly, offers a beginning with a study of the lectures given by Rudolf Steiner in Speech & Drama. This exploration will include working through the indications with an aim to applying the speech to texts – how do we speak forth poems, verses, stories, plays? The constellation of the group will help to determine the path.

Christine Burke, Sacred Speech Artist and professor works in the public college sector teaching Communication Studies, in Waldorf Teacher Trainings and in workshops around the world teaching Rudolf Steiner’s Art of Speech. As an active collegium member of the Social Sciences Section in North America, Christine endeavors to foster community and artistic connections in a variety of ways both within the context of anthroposophical encounters and in the world at large. Christine also serves as the western regional representative to the Anthroposophical Society in America.

An Introduction to The School of Uncovering the Voicewith Alicia Burns and Margaret ShipmanConcert: Saturday, October 7, 3:00pmWorkshop: Sunday, October 8, 2:00 - 5:30pmPrivate lessons available on Monday, October 9th

Contributions on Sliding Scale $ 25 - $75All welcome if not able to contribute financially.
Alicia Burns Werbeck 2023 Final
“Every human being has a singing voice. Our work is to unveil, takeaway the hindrances and free the voice.” ~ Valborg Werbeck-SvärdströmDuring Sunday's workshop, we will explore basic principles of the School of Uncovering the Voice, and practice beginning singing exercises. The singing exercises are helpful both in uncovering the singing voice, and in promoting health and wellbeing. Everyone is welcome, regardless of previous singing experience.
Sunday Schedule:2:00-3:30pm - Singing exercises and Introduction to the basic singing exercises3:30 - Break with light refreshments4:00-5:30 - Deepening of the basic exercises, moving towards songTeacher: Alicia Burns
Alicia began studying singing under the direction of Christiaan Boele in 2008. She received a Singer’s Performance Diploma from Werbeck-laulukoulu (Helsinki, Finland) in 2014, and completed her Werbeck Singing Teacher’s Training at the same school in 2017. Alicia also graduated from the American Eurythmy School as a eurythmist in 2022. She currently works as a singer, singing teacher, and eurythmist.The School of Uncovering the Voice is an impulse initiated and developed by Swedish singer Valborg Werbeck-Svärdström in cooperation with Rudolf Steiner.

Meditation and Dramawith Lisa Romero, Seamus Maynard and Meaghan WitriSaturday, November 4, 10:00amSunday, November 5, 10:00am Contributions on Sliding Scale $ 25 - $75Everyone welcome no matter the contribution.

Two days for meditation and integration. Both days begin via zoom with Dottie Zold.Saturday evening presentation drama; the passing of Arthur with Seamus Maynard

Saturday Schedule:10-11 talk zoom Lisa11-11:30 break11:30-1pm practice integration session.1-2 break2-3:30 practice through arts.3:30-4pm break4-5pm completion 7pm passing of 'King' Arthur Sunday Schedule:10-11 talk zoom Lisa11-11:30 break11:30-1pm practice 1-2 break 2-3:30 final session.3:30-4 break4-5 completion.

Death, Dying and Preparation of the Bodywith Olivia Bareham of Sacred Crossings Sunday, November 12, 2 – 4:00pmContributions are welcome

Dying is an act, a deed, an achievement, and a birth. When you come in, your mother births you, and when you go home, you birth yourself. Rather than agonizing over birth-ing OUT of the body, we can recognize it is a birthing process. It’s an awesome threshold either way.” Nancy Jewell Poer
A Death Doula is most often recognized as someone who assists individuals in their dying process while a Death Midwife also includes after-death care of the body, funeral and burial rituals and ceremonies. Dying is a journey, one that invites us into the depths of our human-ness. We may slide into valleys of sorrow one day and climb mountains that test our courage and endurance the next. We become deeply intimate with our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components. This intimacy may be confronting and frightening but it may also be profoundly beautiful.
With support and guidance the death journey can be one of awe and gratitude, of expansive loving awareness never before imagined. It can be a journey filled with kindness and tenderness and peace. - Olivia Bareham ***‘My name is Olivia and I am known primarily as a death midwife, but am also a dedicated student of the Mystery, a teacher, healer, inter-faith minister, mother, grandmother, friend and Mystic. Ever since my mother died in 2005 I realized that at the moment of death and for a few days following there is a profound opportunity for healing. I turned my ministry toward the goal of inspiring and empowering others to reclaim the lost art and healing ritual of home-based after death care.
When we lean consciously into this liminal space, allow ourselves to feel the depths of our fear, love and sorrow we are re-arranged and never the same.The work is tender, raw, honest, gentle, real, alive and deeply satisfying. I fall in love over and over again and become more and more aligned to my true purpose – to help change the culture of death and dying from fear to love.’