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ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING : Postponned Until March 2021

Dear Members and Friends.

We were able to resume our activities at the Los Angeles Branch with a special event with John Bloom in September. The Planning Committee has been meeting every month to try to re-schedule the events we had planned for the Spring and add new events that will be meaningful to you. We had rescheduled the AGM for August when, at the end of July, it became apparent that the rising number of Covid-19 cases would prevent us from meeting. We will have the AGM sometime in March 2021. In the meantime, we will be updating the calendar of events as the situation with the pandemic unfolds. If it looks like we can move forward, we will, of course, observe all the safety protocols, such as facemasks and social distancing.

The Planning Committee


A new initiative to involve more friends and members in our Branch life. The members of the Planning Committee understand that it is often difficult to make the drive to Pasadena. We are hoping that by offering these Community Saturdays once a month, a more diverse offering will allow people to take part in one or more offerings each time. From 10:00 – 11:00, we will have a study and discussion by different speakers. Following a short break, we will have a eurythmy class from 11:15 – 12:15 followed by a chance to practice attentiveness from 12:30 – 1:00. At 1:00, once the pandemic is over, we hope to offer a social time for anyone interested in staying or perusing the library or bookstore.

Dec. 26 (Saturday) through Jan. 6: 7:30–9:00: The Holy Nights: From Akasha Research. The Fifth Gospel. A celebration “individually but together”


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The Fifth Gospel From the Akashic Record
Thirteen lectures given in Oslo, Berlin and Cologne between
1 October 1913 and 10 February 1914
Translated by A. R. Meuss

From the Akasha Research. The Fifth Gospel was the original title for the set of lectures Rudolf Steiner began in Oslo (Norway) on October 1, 1913— just two weeks after the laying of the foundation stone for the first Goetheanum. These lectures have a tone unlike any others. They seem almost fragile, so delicate is Rudolf Steiner’s presentation of them. He called these lectures “The Gospel of Knowledge of the Spirit, the Macrocosmic Gospel.”  What he reveals is so intimate, so sincere and so difficult that we feel him almost imploring us to keep an open mind; to strengthen the wonder, compassion and conscience within ourselves.

Rudolf Steiner tells us that thoughts are real. Knowing this, we can share our thought-lives in significant ways. This year we will read the lectures from our own homes, individually or in small groups, but together in soul and spirit across those physical boundaries. If you wish to participate, please light a candle each night from December 26 through January 6 and read these truly amazing lectures to others, and especially—if you are comfortable reading aloud—to loved ones across the threshold.

Below, we have included an opening verse or a paragraph or thought from each lecture to open the readings at 7:30 p.m.  You will also find the link to the lecture online.

Please note that four of the Berlin lectures appear in German only when you go to the link. They are noted as such below.

Here are three ways to get the English translation:

  1. If you are using Google Chrome, Edge, or Safari on Mac, as your web browser, you should be able to translate pages which appear in German.  (Click on Translate icons in the address bar OR for Chrome & Edge, right-click your mouse and select TRANSLATE.)
  2. Download translations from our website (Lecture 6, Lecture 7, Lecture 8, Lecture 11)
  3. Request the translation from Karen Grant at, and she will email you the translation

December 26, 2020:   Lecture I, Oslo, 1 October 1913:

The Stars spake once to Man.
It is World-destiny
That they are silent now.
To be aware of the silence
Can become pain for earthly Man.

But in the deepening silence
There grows and ripens
What Man speaks to the Stars.
To be aware of the speaking
Can become strength for Spirit-Man.

(Given to Marie Steiner, December 25, 1922 from the book Verses and Meditations, page 97)

December 27, 2020: Lecture 2, Oslo, 2 October 1913:

In the beginning is memory,
And memory lives on,
And divine is memory,
And memory is life,
And this life is the "I" of human beings,
Which flows in human beings themselves.
Not they alone, but Christ in them.
When they remember divine life
There in their memory is the Christ,
And as radiant memory-life
The Christ will shine
In every immediate darkness

(Given by Rudolf Steiner in Pforzheim, March 7, 1914. Approaching the Mystery of Golgotha, Lecture 7.)

December 28, 2020: Lecture 3, Oslo, 3 October 1913:

Wisdom of God:
Lucifer has slain her,
And on the wings of the world-wide Forces
Carried her hence into Cosmic space.
Working in man
Shall wrest from Lucifer
And on the boats of Spirit-knowledge
Call to new life in souls of men
Wisdom of God.

(This verse appears at the end of the second of a series of four lectures given in Dornach, Switzerland during the Christmas festival of 1920. The series title is "The Search for the New Isis, Divine Sophia.")

December 29, 2020: Lecture 4, Oslo, 5 October 1913:

“First he (Jesus) had seen how people can lose the ground under their feet from mere scholarship; then he experienced how the inspirations of old were lost; then he had seen rites and offering services that no longer helped people to relate to the gods. . . Surely no one on Earth had even seen such depths of misery as Jesus of Nazareth did, and none had responded as deeply in their hearts as he did when he saw the people possessed by demons. Surely no one on Earth was more prepared to consider the question: How can an end be put to this misery?”

Christ knows us. To a soul that sees our Spiritual Science in the true light, to a heart that feels it in its true significance, I can impart no more esoteric saying:
                                                                              The Christ is seeing us.


(Verses and Meditations, page 223)

December 30, 2020: Lecture 5, Oslo, 6 October 1913:

“The dreadful pain and suffering that was wrested from the soul of Jesus poured into his mother’s soul and she felt at one with him. Jesus himself felt that everything that had lived in him from his twelfth year had gone from him in the course of this talk. The more he spoke of it, the more was his mother filled with all the wisdom that lived in him. All the events that had lived in him from his twelfth year now came to life in his mother’s loving heart. For him, however, they seemed to have vanished; he had put into his mother’s soul, into her heart, everything he had been living with from his twelfth year.” (page 69)

The weaving essence of the Light rays forth
From Man to Man
To fill the World with Truth.
Love’s blessing warmeth Soul by Soul,
To call forth bounty of all Worlds.
And Angel-beings, they unite
Man’s deeds of blessing with World-aims Divine.
And when Man, welding both, beholds
Himself in Spirit-Man,
Then Light of Spirit rays
through Warmth of Soul.

(Verses and Meditations, page 223)

December 31, 2020: Lecture 6, Berlin, 21 October 1913:

(The above lecture is in German only. Please follow instructions above for English translations)

“(The Mystery of Golgotha) has been an influence for two thousand years! This influence exists. It exists in a form independent of the understanding humanity has shown so far. If the Christ could have influenced humanity only to the extent that he was ‘understood,’ he would have achieved little. But we shall see as we go on that we are now at a point in evolution where it is necessary to develop the understanding that has so far been lacking. We now live in an age where it will to some extent be necessary no longer to look for the Christ in a place where he is not to be found, but in a place where he may indeed be found. For he will appear in the spirit and not in a body, and those who seek him in the body will again and again hear the words: ‘He whom you seek in the body is not in the body.’” (page 103)

Why does the seeking soul of Man
Strive towards knowledge of higher Worlds?
Because every look—born of the soul—
Into the outer world of Nature
Turns to the question, fraught with longing:
Where is the Being Divine?

(Verses and Meditations, page 35)

January 1, 2021: Lecture 7, Berlin, 4 November 1913:

(The above lecture is in German only. Please follow instructions above for English translations)

“From my first introductory lecture you will have realized that today we need to grasp the Christ Jesus figure in a much more conscious way than has been the case in earliest times. If anyone should object that it is not in accord with the evolution of Christianity to say something new about the life of Christ Jesus, let me remind you of the conclusion of the Gospel of John where it says quite clearly that the Gospels present only some of the events that happened, and that the world itself would not contain the books to describe them all. This can give us the courage and strength to present new things about the life of Christ Jesus at a time of genuine need.” (p. 105)

In the eye of the soul is mirrored
The light of hope of the Earth.
Holy Wisdom of Worlds
Speaks in the heart of Man:
The Father’s eternal Love
Sends to the Earth the Son,
Who on Man’s pathways sheds
Bounty of Heaven’s Light.

(Verses and Meditations, page 67)

January 2, 2021: Lecture 8, Berlin, 18 November 1913

(The above lecture is in German only. Please follow instructions above for English translations)

“Seeing these things certainly does not make one sentimental, and the impression gained in the world of the spirit is free from all sentimentality. No other suffering is likely to compare with the process in which the Christ-spirit united with the body of Jesus of Nazareth. One realizes how much a god had to suffer so that a humanity which had grown old might be rejuvenated again and human beings would be able to take full possession of the I.” (page 134)


Deep in the ground of the human soul,
Of victory assured,
The Spirit-Sun is living.
All through the winter of the inner life
The faithful heart divines it.
Now the heart’s spring of hope beholds
The Sun, His coming glory
In Christmas’ light of blessing—
Token of highest life
In winter’s deepest night.

(Verses and Meditations, page 69)

January 3, 2021: Lecture 9, Berlin, 6 January 1914

“The fruit to be gained from the Parsifal Mystery to which the image of the young man at Sais has been added is that we learn to ask questions in a way that accord with our own time. Learning to ask questions is to follow the upward stream in
human evolution.” (page 149)

The Light of the Sun
Brightens all Space
When dark night is past.
The life of the soul
Now is awakened
From restful Sleep.
O thou, my Soul,
Give thanks to the Light.
In it shines forth
The Power of God.
O thou, my soul,
Be strong for deeds.

(Verses and Meditations, page 39)

January 4, 2021: Lecture 10, Berlin, 13 January 1914

Rudolf Steiner called The Fifth Gospel the Gospel of Knowledge of the Spirit, the Macrocosmic Gospel, and said “it was essential that knowledge of such facts should now flow into Earth-evolution.” Still, it was so difficult to speak about these things—“communicated out of an inner obligation”—that he implores us to keep an open mind. These revelations touch our hearts deeply, as they did his. Margaret Shipman

from I. Timothy (Chapter 3, verse 16):

The Mystery of the Way of God can now be known.
He who revealed Himself in and through the flesh,
Whose whole Being is yet spiritual through and through,—
He who is fully recognizable only to the Angels,
Who was yet able to be proclaimed to all peoples—
Whose very life is in the Faith of the World:
He has been lifted up into the sphere of the Spirits of Wisdom.

January 5, 2021: Lecture 11, Berlin, 10 February, 1914

(The above lecture is in German only. Please follow instructions above for English translations)

The Gospel of John ends by saying that the world could not hold all the books which would have to be written to reveal all that the Christ brought to the earth through the Mystery of Golgotha. The Fifth Gospel is the first of many revelations for the future. May we take these lectures as the kind of new beginning which they are: a path of reconnection to the Spiritual World.
Margaret Shipman

“All that was poured into human evolution through Christ’s coming, worked in it like a seed. Slowly the seed must ripen. Only a little part of the depth and content of the new Wisdom has flowed into physical existence up to the present. We are only at the beginning of Christian evolution.”

Rudolf Steiner (from An Outline of Esoteric Science)

January 6, 2021: Lectures 12 and 13, Cologne, 17 and 18 December 1913 and

"The intention was to present something of the inner life, the inner feelings of Jesus of Nazareth. I wanted to show how he took up the suffering and pain of humanity three times between his twelfth and thirtieth year. . . You need to gain an idea of the sufferings undergone by Jesus of Nazareth, a human being, and let your hearts be deeply moved. He had to go through this pain and suffering before he came to the Mystery of Golgotha so that the Christ impulse might enter into Earth evolution." (page 215)

Light Divine,
Warm our hearts;
Enlighten our heads

(From the Foundation Stone Meditation by Rudolf Steiner, January 1, 1924)


Anthroposophy in America

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