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We invite you to join us for our upcoming lectures, artistic workshops, classes, and performances.  

Experience Eurythmy

Brette Lavery

Saturdays, June 1, June 29, and August 24,

2 - 4 p.m.

Rudolf Steiner brought a new art form to the world, Eurythmy, which means beautiful rhythm. Eurythmy expresses the movement of speech and tones through the movement of the human body. Brette Lavery will lead these workshops. We invite you to participate in this rich legacy of the art of movement. No experience is necessary. Please wear comfortable clothing and soft shoes if you have them.

BRETTE LAVERY, a graduate from the American Eurythmy School, is currently teaching fulltime at the Westside Waldorf School.

Suggested donation $10-$25 per class

A Sunday Musicale

Margaret Shipman and Friends

Sunday, June 16, 3 -5 p.m.

Lovers of chamber music sometimes just play together, for themselves. Today, we share this with you.  We will have chosen music and worked separately on our parts, but will not have  rehearsed or played these pieces together.  Still, it will be a real concert—albeit informal.  Ingrid Burger, Joyce Pan and Mariam Hartman agreed to this noble experiment with Margaret.  They will play Haydn and Borodin string quartets, then take a break.  Those who wish to hear a third quartet will be rewarded after refreshments.

No charge

St. John’s Festival

Saturday, June 22,10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

This year’s celebration of St. John’s Day will be a community arts event.  Movement, song, poetry, and visual art will be included. In his lecture on The St. John Imagination, given on October 12, 1923, Rudolf Steiner said, “We must imagine how all that I have described should find artistic expression . . . in the fine arts,” and goes on to emphasize the importance, particularly, of music.  We will not read the lecture itself, but for those who have the book The Four Seasons and the Archangels, reading it ahead of time might be of interest. The lecture is also available on (Search for “The St. John Imagination.”)  Midsummer refreshments will grace the community table.

No charge

Summer Studies on Rhythms

Rhythms in the Human Being and the Cosmos

Saturday, July 6, 10 a.m. to noon

We are all influenced by various rhythms which occur within us and in the world around us. Today we will have three short lectures on different aspects of this immense topic. Each lecture will be introduced with a short musical piece.

Almut Schroeder will speak about the seven-year cycles in the life of the human being.

Linda Connell will speak about the etheric, cosmic rhythms and the value of our human rhythms.

Bari Borsky will speak about rhythm, necessity and freedom, and the weaving of destiny.

No charge

The Rhythm of the Year: The Zodiac in Eurythmy

Johanna Laurelin

Saturday, July 13, 2 – 5 p.m.

How is the mighty zodiac – the macrocosm --  reflected in the human being –- the microcosm?  Johanna will lead us in discovering and exploring the characters of each sign of the zodiac: their colors, sounds, and inner meditative quality.

Eurythmy is an expressive art of movement that can be performed to speech and to music. As well as a being a professionally performed art, Eurythmy is used in Waldorf Schools and for therapeutic purposes.

Please wear comfortable clothing  and soft shoes.

JOHANNA LAURELIN, eurythmy and orchestra teacher, is the co-director of The Waldorf Institute of Southern California. She attended university in Hamburg.  She joined the Waldorf School of San Diego in 2005. She is a widely acclaimed eurythmist who performs with stage groups in Europe and the United States.

Suggested donation $20

Costs should not prevent attendance.

Exploring the Main Rhythms of Speech

Christine Burke

Saturday, July 20, 10 a.m. to noon

Movement equals life. Moving our speech can lead us to the discovery of the life forces that are active in speech. In this explorative workshop, Christine will guide us through exercises that help us free the word from our physical bodies. As we work with sounds and text, the creative forces are revealed.

CHRISTINE BURKE trained in Formative Speech and Drama at Artemis School of Speech and Drama in England. She later earned an MA in Communication Studies (with emphasis on Performance) through California State University, Northridge. Currently, Christine teaches courses in Communication Studies at Ventura College while running a Cosmic Café in Ventura. She teaches speech and drama internationally.

Suggested donation $20

Costs should not prevent attendance

The Foundation Stone Rhythms and the New Mysteries

Ross Rentea, M.D.

Friday, July 26, 8-9:30 pm; Saturday, July 27, 9 am-12:30 pm, 2–5:30 pm, and 7:30–9 pm

Friday Evening: Introduction to the Rhythms in the context of the New Mysteries

Saturday Morning: topics will include evolutionary principles of the Rhythms; metamorphosis and star connections; eurythmy related to zodiacal aspects of the Rhythms.

Saturday Afternoon: practical applications of work with the Rhythms, including medical and community aspects and questions and answers.

Saturday Evening: the Rhythms in relation to the Rose Cross.

ROSS RENTEA, M.D.went to Europe for intensive training in Anthroposophical hospitals after graduating from the Pritzker School of Medicine.  He has served on the Board of the American College of Anthroposophical Medicine and lectures internationally on Anthroposophical Medicine and curative eurythmy. He is a co-founder of the True Botanica Company and the Lili Kolisko Institute.  His book, Childhood Illnesses and Immunizations, was published in 2017.

Suggested donation

Friday $20, Saturday $45

Costs should not prevent attendance.