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We invite you to join us for our upcoming lectures, artistic workshops, classes, and performances.  


Greetings Dear Members and Friends, Best Wishes for an Aware, Compassionate and Beautiful 2022!

Getting right to it. In light of the current LA City Covid Guidance for Smaller Events & Cultural Institutions , we will not be having public in-person events at the Branch Rudolf Steiner Community Center in Pasadena in January.  To have to say this is a crazy-making soul-bender for us. We know there are opposing views on immunization/masking in this community.  Yet, what joins us is that we all strive to respect and even love the other's views.

Apropos. This week the Elderberries + ALIANT Alliance team is hosting a multi-day workshop at the Christian Community Church.  Please come to any aspect and participate in this co-creative culture of care.  Find here the flier and schedule, featuring MLK+3Fold conversations, hands on workshops in emergency first aid, Anthroposophical nursing home care, flower essences, art, and study of Steiner's Samaritan Course lectures. It's a hands-on course, "Urban First Aid: Building Towards a Helping Hands Street Medic Team" at the Christian Community Church in North Hollywood - coming right up - Jan 13-16 / Martin Luther King weekend. Inspiration for the course comes from "The Samaritan Course '' held by Rudolf Steiner in 1914 in Switzerland in response to the outbreak of WWI.  Reading in The Samaritan Course, the metaphor of each one being prepared to 'bandage the wounds' of the other speaks. For exactly right now. Even thinking about practicing Health Modalities + Emergency First Aid  - especially when we might feel we don't agree with someone  - is powerful medicine.  Coincidentally, this course that Steiner gave speaks exactly to the point of people of different political views working together. For us, working together now will be a timely and inspiring help for our mission this year of working to build the temple of future harmony and mutual understanding.

11030 La Maida Street

North Hollywood, CA
Suggested contribution $25-$150

RSVP and questions: Frank Agrama 323-445-9615 CirclesForARenewalOfCulture@gmail.com

When conditions allow, they have offered to reprise the "Urban First Aid: Helping Hands" course at our Rudolf Steiner Community Center here in Pasadena.  Let’s see how February shakes out and how we might look forward to thei beautiful course.

The Library and Bookstore remain open.


So, what's coming up then?

Regrouping after the holidays. A growing number of people in the anthroposophical project for personal and social transformation are actively reaching out to a wider public. Anthroposophers are gradually moving into online podcasting, YouTubing,  zoom workshops and conferences. You've probably noticed.

On that note, we are part of it! You can still go to our website and watch/rewatch our three first-try hybrid (in-person + online zoom) events: You can access all three from the same link.

LINDA CONNELL brought us "Phantoms, Specters, and Demons, Oh My!". ANDREW DZEDULIONIS performed extra dramatic Eurythmy pieces. .
ORLAND BISHOP brought us a Fri/Sat workshop "The Promise of the Spirit of America" in the form of an "indaba" or "spiritual discourse".
Enhancing the event with cello/drumming improv were ALMUT SCHROEDER  and ROBERT AKIL BELL.
SIGFRIED HEEP 'played' the computer, cameras, and microphones that made it all possible.

PHILIP MEES  brought us "Life After Death. Life Before Birth". 

So now we get to the local scenery part. LOCALLY, please check out the link for local study groups.

Also locally, check out our resources for local health practitioners, artistic workshops, and even a blog.

Please check our website events tab for updated dates for Eurythmy workshops with ANDREW DZEDULIONIS .

If you're interested in an online Six-Basic-Exercises practice group that meets for 15 minutes M-F at 9AM PST please use this link:


Call by Phone: 312-626-6799 | Meeting ID: 266 986 103 | Passcode: 345338. (More info on our 6BE "padlet" which is here. )

Do you know about the many offerings of the ASA?

Finally, you may have heard about the "Front Range Anthroposophical Cafe"? Every Friday evening at 6PM PST out of Boulder, CA. Check out past speakers.

That's what there is for now Dear Friends. Again Inspired Offerings for 2022! Please be in contact with ideas, comments, and offers to rslibraryla@dslextreme.com; and/or find us in the LA Branch Membership Roster.

Thank you with warmest gratitude again for helping us reach our 2021 fundraising goal.


Yours Warmly,

Joan Jaeckel, Roman Janczak
Co-Chairs, Programs and Events
Rudolf Steiner Community Center, Pasadena