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Steiner Center night

Experience the Calendar of the Soul through art!

Destiny Nolen, local artist, is offering a creative artistic approach to working with Rudolf Steiner's Calendar of the Soul.  The first meeting will be this Saturday, August 28, 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Future workshops will be: Sept 10 and 24 and Oct 8.

Destiny Nolen, a longtime community member of the Elderberries Threefold Community, describes herself as “a creative soul using art as a way to express my inner dialogue and understand myself on a deeper level.” Destiny is an undergraduate student at UCLA and highly active artistically in community life. For two years as the arts and culture coordinator for the CA Poor People’s Campaign, she organized community members to create large scale art forms that amplified the voices of poor and impacted folks in this country. She also has created and led storytelling workshops at Urban First Aid for community members of all ages and walks of life. Her vibrant art workshops are sure to open up for you new ideas in art and understandings of Rudolf Steiner’s Calendar of the Soul verses.