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The Rudolf Steiner Community Center is open to everyone who sees the value of anthroposophy, without regard to gender, national origin, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, and/or religion. In addition, our branch encourages a wide range of artistic, scientific, and economic perspectives and practices.


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We Need Your Financial Support for 2021

September 2021

Dear Members and Friends,

2020 and 2021 have been challenging, enlightening, and perhaps anxious years for all of us.  The pandemic has forced us into an isolation that is unprecedented in our lifetime.  For many of us the gratitude we feel at being able to meet again is profound.  In the past eighteen months our Los Angeles Branch meetings and activities were greatly curtailed, but if you received your autumn calendar you know that activities are resuming in earnest.

We are reaching out to you at this time because our Branch is facing another challenge, one that is mandated by our government.  As many of you know our Branch is very fortunate for two reasons: there are very few Anthroposophical branches in the United States that own their own building in which to meet, hear lectures, see Eurythmy performances, and hold study groups. And, we are also especially privileged in having rental property that helps us pay for maintenance and repairs on our building, so we don’t need to be constantly fundraising.  This is a real blessing!

As a Not-For-Profit organization we qualify for tax exemption only if we can demonstrate that we receive a minimum of $10,000 in donations annually.  We do this through membership dues and admission donations to our branch activities. Because we have been shuttered for more than eighteen months, we have a significant “fundraising” shortfall. Our estimated Property Tax could be approximately $8,750 or more each year if we don’t meet the $10,000 donation requirement.

We are appealing to you to help us raise $10,000 and avoid paying $8,750 in taxes. Realistically, it is only us, members and friends, who find value in the programs and community that our Branch provides. The funds that are contributed will be used for programming.  We could direct the money to bring in speakers like Craig Holdrege from the Nature Institute, or Brian Gray from Wise Cosmos, or Christine Gruwez, author and lecturer. We could use the money we all contribute to fund a conference on meditation, medicine or Bio-Dynamics.  The important thing is that we all benefit from each other’s generosity.  Instead of paying taxes we will be joining together to provide spiritual nourishment for the cultural environment of Los Angeles.

Anthroposophy helps make sense of what is happening in the world. If you find yourself frustrated because you don’t know how to help overcome the overwhelming challenges we are facing, this is our opportunity to make a difference.  If you find benefit from listening to speakers, participating in Eurythmy, exchanging ideas, coming together for Festivals, and being in a community of spiritual seekers, please consider making a gift to the Anthroposophical Foundation of California today.   Your gift will absolutely make a difference!

Because this appeal is so important, we are asking each of us to consider donating between $35 - $150 before December 15th, 2021.

It's Easy to Donate

ONLINE at our DONATE page

BY CHECK  Please make checks payable to the Anthroposophical Foundation of California, and mail to our branch at 110 Martin Alley, Pasadena CA 91105.

Thank you for your warm enthusiasm for your Anthroposophical Branch, and for joining in building a Spiritual Cultural Community with your tax-deductible gift.


Bari Borsky, Linda Connell, Lori Daub, Samuel Glaze, Joan Jaeckel, Roman Janczak, Eloise Krivosheia, Roger Rindge, and Anne Saldo
Trustees for the Anthroposophical Foundation of California

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Anthroposophy is a discipline of research as well as a path of knowledge, service, personal growth, and social engagement.  The word “anthroposophy” means “wisdom of the human being,” or, for us today, “awareness of one’s humanity.”  It was introduced and developed by the philosopher, scientist, and Goethe scholar Rudolf Steiner as a “science of the spirit.”  Anthroposophy is concerned with all aspects of human life and spirit, as well as humanity’s future evolution and well-being.

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Anthroposophy takes its starting point from modern critical consciousness and our contemporary orientation towards technology and science.  It is a kind of schooling which leads to concrete experience of the spiritual dimensions of the human being and the world.  A path of inner development, Christ-centered at its esoteric core, its fruits are visible in art, social forms, and practical enterprises.  Over time, about 10,000 institutions and initiatives have been founded that endeavor to apply anthroposophy.

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Anthroposophy is a nonsectarian, nonpolitical membership organization supporting the development, communication, and practice of anthroposophy in the United States.   As a part of the Anthroposophical Society in America, the Los Angeles Branch seeks to nurture the life of anthroposophy in the surrounding area.  Our branch supports the individual path of self-development, together with the community path of social health and renewal in the light of anthroposophy.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to cultivate and support the spiritual and cultural
initiatives arising from Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual scientific research into
the nature of the human being and the world.

Anthroposophical Foundation of California is a 501(c)(3) corporation

ANTHROPOSOPHY   (noun)   [an-thro-POS-o-phy]   The art and science of becoming more fully human.

Rudolf Steiner was born on February 27, 1861 in what is now Croatia and died on March 30, 1925 in Dornach, Switzerland.   His monumental achievements of drafting an alternative science, a new pedagogy, new perspectives in medicine and agriculture, and new forms of expression in both the visual and performing arts, have entered into the spiritual heritage of the present time.  They live in today’s cultural life as an impulse and an inspiration.

“Anthroposophy does not want to impart knowledge.  It seeks to awaken life.”  - Rudolf Steiner


Save 20% on Select New Books

Each month, we offer a 20% discount on a limited number of books, so good advantage can be taken of these sales with your visits to the library


Save 20% on Select New Books

Each month, we offer a 20% discount on a limited number of books, so good advantage can be taken of these sales with your visits to the library


Explore the weekly verses that Steiner shared with us in his native German language and since translated into English by great students of anthroposophy and compiled by Eloise Krivosheia.

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Thank you, Tischia!  Welcome New Planning Committee Members!

Dear Members and Friends,

At the Annual General Meeting held on March 21, 2021, the membership elected Tischia Bluske to the position of Branch Chair for the coming year. Following her election, she chose members for the Program Committee (at present, they are: Joan Jaeckel, Roman Janczak, Gail McManus, Rajeshwari Rajamani, and Almut Schroeder); they have met twice since then, and have been busy planning a number of events to be held at our Branch building in Pasadena.

Recently, Tischia had regretfully to tell the members of the Program Committee that because of new circumstances, she and her family now find it necessary to move to Texas toward the end of June. Two members of the Program Committee volunteered to step forward and assume her duties: Joan Jaeckel and Roman Janczak. With Tischia’s confidence and strong support, the Trustees of the Anthroposophical Foundation of California met on May 31, and appointed Joan Jaeckel and Roman Janczak as Co-Chairs of the Branch for the remainder of Tischia’s term. At the AGM in March, 2022, new elections will be held.

Joan and Roman have co-authored a vision statement for their work with the Program Committee and for the Los Angeles Branch. In part, it reads:

“We see the Rudolf Steiner Community Center becoming an influential, welcoming, and accessible center of community in Los Angeles. We believe that the time for anthroposophy to join ‘others seeking the same goal’ in active spiritual-scientific inquiry is now. We believe the precious asset of our home on Martin Alley in Pasadena, which sits on Hahamog-na territory of Los Angeles, is an ideal place to house—and update for our time—the vision of Rudolf Steiner for an evolution of humanity through awareness-based freedom, healing love, and conscious action.”

Please extend a warm welcome to Joan, Roman, and the Program Committee for their initiative and their upcoming work; and an equally warm thank-you to you, Tischia, for all your efforts this spring. We wish you the best on your new adventures.


The Trustees of the Anthroposophical Foundation of California
(Bari Borsky, Linda Connell, Lori Daub, Samuel Glaze,
Eloise Krivosheia, Roger Rindge, and Anne Saldo)

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