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 Friday, April 6, 8 p.m.

Six short films explore what tears us apart and what brings us together.

Saturday, April 7, 3 p.m.

Stories by women about women.

Saturday, April 7, 7 p.m.

Reception with refreshments and

8 p.m. Screening of Award-winning films.


Co-founders Michael Harrington and Matthew Temple have screened dozens of short films and chosen ones which relate powerfully to conscious living, and contribute to making the world a stronger and more unified place.  Their choices are inspiring, as we learned last year!

For more information and a full list of films, please see www.wanderingreel.org.

Suggested donation $10 per program or $25 for all three screenings

Public Welcome



A course led by Michael Ridenour

Saturdays, April 21, May 5 and May 19,

10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

We will study the Christ Mysteries in the light of Spiritual Science, and their relation to the struggle between good and evil that characterizes the modern world.  A deeper understanding of the Mystery of Golgotha can help carry the process of inner transformation into the modern Consciousness Soul age.

   Some required reading for the course will include parts of Rudolf Steiner’s Philosophy of Freedom,  Arthur Zajonc’s Catching the Light, and Michael Ridenour’s The Greatest Gift Ever Given.  Guided discussion based on reading will play a major role in how the course progresses.  Previous acquaintance with Rudolf Steiner’s work is suggested.  

Michael encourages you to contact him about the course at rdnmchl@gmail.com or 805-907-2034.

Suggested donation $25 each session

MICHAEL RIDENOUR has had a life-long interest in science, including evolution, relativity, and quantum physics, and has been a student of anthroposophy for many years.  His undergraduate work was in physics, math, and French literature, and he went on to earn a Master’s degree in English literature.  He has taught high school physics and math for many years and currently teaches at The City School in the San Fernando Valley.



With Eve Olive and Joanna Carey

Saturday April 28th, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

10 a.m.-12:30 p.m.  “Poems of Birth, Poems of Earth, and a Fairy Tale for our Time”.  A poetry performance by Eve Olive with lyre accompaniment by Joanna Carey, followed by reflective writing.  In original poems, Eve Olive presents soulscapes of our lives on Earth and in the heavenly worlds.

  1:30-4 p.m.“The Journey of Life after Death with a Glimpse into the Music of the Spheres”. A study of the living journey between Death and Rebirth woven together by a musical experience of the planetary spheres, and followed by reflective writing with Joanna Carey.

Suggested donation $20 each or

$30 for both sessions

Please bring a snack to share

Public Welcome

 EVE OLIVE is an architect, eurythmist and poet as well as a co-founder of the Emerson Waldorf School in Chapel Hill, NC where she taught for many years. She is the author of the book, Cosmic Child: Inspired Writing from the Threshold of Birth.

JOANNA CAREY is an accomplished lyrist, Werbeck singer, teacher, therapist and researcher into the mysteries of life and death and the inner nature of festival life.

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Workshop with Kathleen Bowen

Saturday, May 12, 10 a.m.-12:30 p.m. and 2-5 p.m.

Our spiritual path keeps youth forces alive. In this Biography and Social Art workshop we shall look at the youth forces by opening our life story through artistic exercises, movement and conversation. Explore the qualities of enthusiasm, hope, inspiration, wonder, and awe. 

Suggested donation $25

Please bring a snack to share

Public Welcome

KATHLEEN BOWEN began her career working with threads as a knitwear designer and transitioned to guiding others as they discover the threads in their life story through biography and social art.  Kathleen is a founding board member of the Center for Biography and Social Art and a faculty member for the Biography Certificate Program.


Sunday, May 20, 5 p.m.

The School for Spiritual Science, was established by Rudolf Steiner as an integral part of the Anthroposophical movement.  Steiner announced it at the Christmas Conference 1923/1924.  As do all schools, this one has a certain content or subject matter, and lessons for imparting that content.  It is referred to as “The First Class.”  “First” in this context means the beginning step in the work of the School.  Anyone who has been a member of the Anthroposophical Society for at least two years may apply to join the School.  If you are interested in knowing more about the School, you are warmly invited to this conversation.

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Three  Nonviolent Communication Workshops with Gail McManus

Saturdays, March 17 and April 14, 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.; Sunday, May 20, 1-4 p.m.

Nonviolent Communication is a set of skills which enable us to clarify our intentions and understand our objectives as we come to a compassionate balance within ourselves. We learn how to communicate fearlessly what is important to us in such a way that others will listen fearlessly as well. Empathetic connection grows and exciting, inspiring ideas manifest among us. We can become agents for change!

Suggested donation, $25 per session

GAIL MCMANUS is a practicing Communications Counselor and Mediator.  Contact Gail at 518-653-2957 or gail@gailmcmanus.com

Her website is www.gailmcmanus.com.



With Rachael Abbott

Saturdays from 2-3:30 p.m.

March 3 and 17, April 14 and 21,

May 5 and 19

The Rhythms of the Seasons will be explored through colors, gestures and forms of the weekly Soul Calendar through guided movement meditation.  Everyone is welcome, and no previous experience is necessary.

Suggested donation, $10-$25 per workshop

RACHAEL ABBOTT grew up in Spring Valley, NY.  She performed with the Else Klink Ensemble for three years after completing her eurythmy training at the Eurythmeum in Stuttgart.  She teaches eurythmy in the Pasadena Waldorf School.

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CLASS LESSONS – Blue card required.


 Sunday, March 4

3:30 p.m. Conversation on A Way of Serving

5 p.m. Lesson 18


3:30 p.m. Conversation  on Lesson 17

5 p.m.  Lesson 18

Sunday, May 6

3:30 p.m. Conversation on Lesson18

5 p.m.  Lesson 19

Reminder – All conversations are now at 3:30 p.m.

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All events are held at The LA Branch, 110 Martin Alley in Pasadena unless otherwise stated.

Suggested donations are not intended to exclude anyone’s participation.
Please come to our events and donate what you can.