Anthroposophy is a discipline of research as well as a path of knowledge, service, personal growth and social engagement.  Introduced and developed by Rudolf Steiner, it is concerned with all aspects of human life, spirit and humanity’s future evolution and well-being.

The Anthroposophical Society in America is a nonsectarian, nonpolitical membership organization that supports the development, communication and practice of anthroposophy in the United States.  It was founded as “an association of people who would foster the life of the soul, both in the individual and in human society, on the basis of a true knowledge of the spiritual world.”

The Anthroposophical Society is in no sense a secret society, but is entirely public. Anyone can become a member, without regard to nationality, social standing, religion, scientific or artistic conviction, who considers as justified the existence of an institution such as the Goetheanum in Dornach, in its capacity as a School of Spiritual Science.

– From the Statutes of the Anthroposophical Society


The mission of the Los Angeles Branch of the Anthroposophical Society in America is to cultivate and support the spiritual and cultural initiatives arising from Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual scientific research into the nature of the human being and the world.


Meet the Team

Anthroposophical Foundation of California Board members:  Linda Connell, Samuel Glaze, Eloise Krivosheia, Roger Rindge, Lori St. James Daub, Anne Saldo, Douglas Roger and Nicole Ebarb

Planning Committee: Cheryl Alexander, Joan Newton, Roger Rindge, Margaret Shipman, Karen Grant

Membership: Tischia Bluske

School for Spiritual Science, First Class Holders: Linda Connell and Roger Rindge.

Library: Judy Haney , Eloise Krivosheia, Anne Saldo

Administration and General Inquiry:

Public Documents

Governing documents, Form 990, and financial statements of the Anthroposophical Society in America, Los Angeles Branch, are available to the public by appointment at 110 Martin Alley, Pasadena, CA 91105. To make an appointment please call the branch: (626)795-7105.